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Our Garden Journey

We decided to start a home garden for a few reasons. Firstly, we're passionate about the nutrition and flavor of homegrown vegetables. There's something incredibly satisfying about knowing exactly where your food comes from and being able to enjoy it at its freshest. Plus, we wanted to introduce our children to the joys of growing their own food and show them just how delicious raw vegetables and fruits can be straight from the vine. So, with a desire for nutritious, flavorful produce and a goal to teach our children valuable life skills, starting a home garden was a natural choice for us.

Here are some tips we learned along the way:

1. Smart Setup: We opted for durable cinder block raised beds and utilized existing rocks for pathways, making maintenance a breeze.

Choosing the right dimensions for your garden beds is crucial for accessibility and weed upkeep. Opting for a 4 feet by 8 feet size allows you to reach the middle of the bed from either side without having to step onto the soil. This setup ensures that you can tend to your plants, sow seeds, and harvest produce with minimal hassle, making the gardening experience more enjoyable overall.

2. Close to Home: Placing the garden right outside our patio ensures we can easily keep an eye on it from the kitchen and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

3. Rich Soil: Our raised beds are filled with a special mix of compost and topsoil, ensuring our veggies have the best start in life.

4. Planting Pals: We're experimenting with companion planting, pairing veggies that get along well together.

5. Change It Up: Each year, we switch around where we plant things to keep the soil healthy and our plants thriving.

6. Growing Up: We've added trellises for our climbing veggies, making the most of our vertical space and adding a touch of charm to the garden.

Our motivation for starting a home garden is fueled by our desire to instill in our children a deeper appreciation for nature and the food we eat. We believe that by involving them in the process of growing and caring for plants, we're not only providing them with valuable life lessons but also creating lasting memories and traditions as a family. So, in essence, our garden isn't just a plot of land—it's a place where we come together, learn, and grow, both literally and figuratively.

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